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Step into the transformative world of The Power of Choices, where we redefine what it means to be emotionally and academically successful. We’re rewriting the script for success, impacting students, teachers, stakeholders, administrators, and parents alike. Our approach is tailored to address character education, anti-bullying strategies, conflict resolution, and mental fortitude for an all-encompassing growth experience. Join us in reshaping the narrative and let’s create a future where academic skill and emotional fulfillment coexist beautifully.

Marc Hoberman

As a former English teacher for more than 30 years and camp administrator and consultant for almost as long, I have come to realize that children today need to learn how to deal with the often unexpected struggles in their lives.

Daniel Echevarria

Over 1 Million lifetime views for “Weekly Dose of Dano TV”
Youngest television producer in e360tv history
Front Page Appearances on Magazines dedicated to inspiring change and positive development


our mission and vision

At The Power of Choices, our goal is to redefine success by positively impacting students, teachers, stakeholders, administrators, and parents. Through character education, anti-bullying strategies, conflict resolution, and mental fortitude, we aim to reshape the narrative around achievement, creating an environment where academic success and emotional fulfillment thrive together.


our services

services 1

Elevate the educational atmosphere with our Mindset and Positivity service, fostering a culture of resilience and optimism among students, teachers, and parents.

services 2

Our Character Education program delves into overcoming adversity, instilling leadership skills, sharpening communication abilities, and fostering team building, creating a well-rounded foundation for personal and academic success.

services 3

Whether it’s an immersive on-site session or a dynamic virtual engagement, our programs cater to the evolving needs of schools, camps, and educational institutions, ensuring impactful experiences across all platforms.


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